Friday, December 1, 2017

Invest in Your Employees

Part 1 of 7: Invest in your employees

7 Ways to Improve Patient Satisfaction

Employee satisfaction is directly related to customer satisfaction. When your employees are happy at work, your customers can tell. Here are a few tips for improving employee morale:

Recognizing a job well done

When was the last time you let your employees know they were doing a great job? According to Forbes, "Recognition is most effective when it's given in the context of a larger [business-related] goal." You can provide recognition for things your employees are doing to help further company goals.

We can help you identify which employees are making a difference through our interview process. When customers mention employees who have performed outstanding work, we make sure you know about it. When a customer mentions an employee, we include that in the Customer Satisfaction Interview so you can see it.

You can easily print employee recognition certificates on My.Pinnacle. Visit the My.Pinnacle dashboard and click on Resources. To generate a customized certificate, just fill out the simple form with your organization's name, the employee's name, and your name. Then press print.

Ask for employee feedback

In addition to gathering customer feedback, surveying your employees can also help you invest in them. Gathering feedback and following up on it shows your employee that you care about them and value their experience. Open-ended questions can help you understand where your employees are succeeding and struggling. You can provide better care for your patients by knowing your employees. You can also find out which employees your staff feels are rock stars. Which, by the way, is another great way to find employees to recognize.

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